Here we are in the social media world. I was talking to a friend last night and talking about commuication, in how it’s changed world. I remember living in a farm and we had a partying line with the neighbours. 2 short rings was our ring.

Now this new thing called World Wide Web ( has changed everything. My first computer I ever used was a Pet 64 in high school, had to get taught the laugauge.

Now we have Twitter, Instgram, Facebook, Facebook I say times have changed.

Life is full of surprises.

Road Of Life

The road of life can be tough at times. You might think the road your on might be a dead end or a bumpy road.. It might be hard look beyond that, but there’s smooth road in the distance.

Happy 30th Birthday

Well, it’s not my birthday. Im actually 53.

It was 30 years ago this date (Oct 18, 1988) my life changed. I became HIV positive and life changed, from being told I had 2 years to live. It was tough news to hear at that young of age.

I have been on many HIV medications in my life, thankfully I have coverage.

Yes, I’ve been close to death, which was totally my fault. I decided not to take my medications anymore..for 1 year I didn’t take them. I had people asking me if I had AIDs. I didn’t know at the time how sick I was. My weight dropped like a ton of bricks, sucken face, grey skin, major shakes. It was a stupid thing I did, I was told off by my doctor.

I became smarter about taking my pills From this stupid mistake. Now staying on my medications and back to normal.

Here I am here today at 53, living life, loving life.

I look forward to continuing amazing life.

So Happy 30th Birthday to me!